A story from Paul Ruot

trauma healing

Paul Ruot a South Sudan refugee in Uganda, from Jongolei State and settled in Omugo 6 village in Rhino Camp settlement in Arua district. According to him, One day, there was a fight between the Dinkas and the Nuers, He joined the battle with his elder brother and his cousin.

His cousin was born alone in their family and for them, they were many. So the fight intensified and became tough. His cousin was shout and for him, his leg was shout. After he decided to crawl back where he found some of the people from his side gathered trying to help his cousin but when he reached there, they recognised and received him and saw his situation.

His cousin saw him and told the people who were helping him that “do not carry me but at least Ruot, take him to get treatment, but for me, I am dying do not carry me” So they carried me (Ruot) and left him (cousin). “I felt bad and wished that it would be good for me to die and my cousin lives because he was born alone in their family and for us we are many. I felt guilty that I did not do much to protect him, save his life and to make it worse; he was left to die when they carried me.

This remained in my mind and his voice remained ever fresh in me and  kept disturbing me and I could feel real always whenever I could remember that and that pain is fresh whenever I think about it” It has been had to come out of it.

But when PAG came and took us through trauma healing session as church leaders, I felt I was helped when I became free to talk about it. Before, I could not speak about it to any person but I could change my face and keep quit whenever those thoughts could come and at that time, I never wanted any one to talk to me, all I could feel was to have died that time instead of my cousin. But these sessions have helped me come out of that, I can talk now about it without any pain inside me.

So I appreciate and give God the glory for directing PAG to come to our village to help people like me who were never free in their lives. May the Almighty God bless PAG.

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