A Story from Tabu Monica a community volunteer for PAG, Ofua 1 village Ofua Zone, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement

Tabu Monica

One day, they had that some visitors were coming to visit them in their community of Ofua 1.  As she was going to the meeting point, she found that the leaders have been looking for any community volunteer of PAG and as she was about to reach, the RWC 1 said, one of them is here and he called Tabu, come we have been looking for any of you who are trained to handle some of these cases in the community. “He took me and showed me some woman lying down on the ground crying bitterly and no one knew how to help her and people were many in the place” Tabu said. So she decided to take her a way in a private place and sat down with her, People followed them trying to find out what could have happened to the woman but she instructed them to go away and leave them alone and people responded positively. The woman continued crying bitterly for a period of over 20 minutes, she gave her time to cry as she kept patting her shoulder once a while. After the woman finished crying, she said, she has a lot of problems she feels that it should be good for her to die instead of her sister.

Tabu then encouraged her to open up and share the problem out. She then said, she is a mother of three children, the last child is three month old, she does not have breast milk and  helpless but  her sister who has been in South Sudan has been helping her in everything to make her child live and her family in Uganda, she has been sending financial support to her to buy milk for the child and other basic needs for the family but now her sister has been poisoned and she is badly off they tried to treat her life in South Sudan but all in vain. Now she is with them in the camp without hope. She cried requesting God to punish her instead of her sister that her sister may live.

Tabu then encouraged her and helped her understand that God is not the one punishing her and shared with her the goodness of the lord until she recovered and she got relieved. Tabu then requested to go along with her to see the sick sister in their home. On reaching home, the sister was seriously badly off, she really empathised with the situation and she asked them to join her together in prayer. God helped her to pray the way she has never prayed before and the family members felt relieved.

The family appreciated and put their hope in God. After that, Tabu requested whether it’s okay with them if she is to go and come back with her two fellow community volunteers in another day to see them and the patient and pray together with them of which the idea was welcomed with joy.

So Tabu then went and mobilised her two colleagues to come together in another day.  On their arrival they were welcomed with great joy, they narrated to them about what happened. They then shared with them the lesson in the Trauma healing book “if God loves us why do we suffer” and made them appreciate the goodness of the lord. “We then prayed together” said Tabu. After they left and the family remained happy and trusting in God.

At this time, the Sister who was Sick is healed and the family is thanking God for giving lif e back to their sister and for bringing Tabu and her colleagues to support them in such a tough moment they were in.

So I thank God for PAG who has empowered us with the knowledge and skills to support our people in the community. We are so grateful for PAG.

Thank you.

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