Who We Are

Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Uganda is a Healthy fellowship of more than 5,000 churches across a multi-language speaking in the Pearl of Africa. It operates throughout the country in all districts. With More than 1,645,000 people attend services across the Nation.

Our main thrust is winning souls for Jesus Christ through an incarnation approach in local communities. We are deeply involved in church planting and also help facilitate the vital work of more than 5,000 pastors and ministry leaders around Uganda and neighboring countries, who are spreading the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and bringing hope and help to those in need.

In Uganda, PAG started in Kitsabasi in the ranges of Mt. Elgon in Bugisu region in the 1940’s by a few Ugandans and over the years, it has spread throughout the country. PAG has more than 5000 churches distributed throughout Uganda. It was registered with the government of Uganda as a corporate body in 1966, followed by NGO registration in 1991 under the 1989 Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Statute.

PAG is structured under 24 Pastorates, 515 Assemblies headed by Assembly and Associate church Pastors. The community Development efforts in PAG Started in early 1990’s as an initiative by individual PAG Pastorates. The main driving force was to establish Holistic Ministry for communities traumatized by armed conflict, HIV/AIDS, drought and other natural calamities. PAG since then registered significant success in community transformation and restoration of hope in the individual lives


A healthy Fellowship of Pentecostal Disciples.


Touching and Transforming Nations with the Love of Christ.

Core Values

Core values of PAG are those beliefs, norms, and standards which are the basis upon which PAG pursues its mission and relates to its environment.

  • Christ Likeness
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Holiness
  • The Family
  • Human dignity
  • Peace
  • Corporative fellowship
  • Holistic approach to ministry

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23 This sin had a deadly consequence in that,” the wages of sin is death: Romans 6:23 This means spiritual separation from God! “Our main thrust is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ”