An HIV Positive lady’s hope was restored

Positive lady’s hope was restored

Acen Caroline 33 years, a resident of Kayei landing site lives positively. When she went for HIV testing with her husband they were found HIV positive, she says “I lost hope, I thought I was useless and couldnot even have children. This is when the HIV project came to our church and we started doing bible studies, through the bible studies I discovered I could still live a normal and happy life.

Caroline with her six month old baby and the husband
Caroline with her six month old baby and the husband

I then decided to trust God and live positively, I went to the health worker in my community to get more information about how I could live positively, and they explained to me how I could have healthy children and live happy and healthy. So I decided to have more children because I had only one.

Today am happy I have a healthy baby girl free of HIV. Am so happy for the CCT & HIV teaching that opened my eyes, brought hope to me and transformed my life.” I have now registered with Elimination of Mother to Child transmission of HIV (EMTCT) services and I get advice often from them. My future plans are to empower others to know their HIV status and open up/ disclose and live positively.

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