Compassion’s ministry in Uganda began in 1980. Currently, over 101,000 children participate in more than 370 child development centers. Compassion partners with PAG to help them provide Ugandan children with the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become all God has created them to be.

PAG has partned with compassion international and opened up child development centres in Kumi, Soroti and Serere.

Otatai Child Development Centre
Otatai church(pioneer church) in Teso region was started in 1964 and the Child Development Centre was set up in 2008.The school was an initiative of the church, as Bishop. Simon Peter Emiau applied to Compassion for support after coming up with an idea of giving a hand to the needy children. Upon Compassion receiving the request from PAG, all churches in Kumi and surrounding villages were contacted and a church assessment process was done where PAG was found eligible to receive funding from Compassion. That led to the birth of Otatai Child Development Centre.

It started with 203 children but it now has over 300 children. A number of success stories have been registered. Parents have also been supported by giving them goats and starting up businesses for them to improve on their livelihoods. Children usually stay on the programme till when they are 22years of age.

Kumi Child Development Centre
It is a church founded organization, located in Kumi Municipality, supported by Compassion International. The project currently supports 328 vulnerable children who are direct bene ciaries coming from 6 villages surrounding the Municipality namely; Olungia, Otaaba, Osioda, Kabata and Abubur and within Kumi town.

The project has been in operation since March 2008 and started with the total number of 200 children, they later increased as a result of good performance and the need by the funders. The number of children has now reached 328 bene ciaries who are direct, this is exclusive of their caregivers who are indirect bene ciaries .

Amongst the caregivers are those who live with HIV/AIDs and they total to 50, they are also supported under different intervention given to them by the project called church partnership committee who take the overall supervision of its activities and oversees its works in a holistic manner.

The committee also lays strong emphasis in developing the child in the 4 aspects of Spiritual, physical, social and cognitive. The program is meant to address the economic, social and political needs of the primary bene ciaries through partnership.

The activities that children are involved in, include trainings on livelihood skills, community service, evangelism, games and sports, praise and worship, aimed at making the children responsible and to teach them the spirit of taking initiatives for positive impact in their own communities

Success Stories