Food was a challenge until the intervention of PAG

Food was a challenge until the intervention of PAG

Esther Jaguru, 50yrs living at Block C, Ofua 2, Rhino Camp Settlement left South Sudan because of the war. She came to Uganda in October 2016 when the war erupted in her village in Morobu County. Every morning she would hear that someone was killed. So she decided to leave South Sudan to Uganda before they would kill her and the entire family. She came with her two children, one girl and a boy aged 17yrs and 20yrs respectively.

At Oraba reception Centre, they were given biscuits and they later proceeded to Ocea reception Centre where they were given porridge and food. They stayed at the reception centre for two days, and on the third day they were deployed at the camp. At the camp they were given a small piece of land, poles and taplins to put up a shelter, they were also given a mat and a blanket. So with the help of her children they were able to construct a house.

She had so many challenges, it was hard for her to feed her children single handedly since she did not have any other person to support her. Her husband had disappeared to join a rebel group back in south Sudan and she had not heard from him for a very long time. Feeding her children was a big challenge, some organizations would give them food but it was not enough and it was always one type of food (posho and beans) and since there was no change in diet the children would just refuse to eat the food. This made them very malnourished and they would fall sick all the time.

However, when PAG came in to support them with the porridge, things changed, they are now able to have a change of meal. Esther and her children like the porridge so much to the point that they can have it every day. “Porridge from CSB+ keeps you full for a long period of time and it has also made us very healthy”, says Esther
Ever since l left south Sudan l had never gotten an opportunity to express myself. So l want to take this opportunity to thank PAG for giving me the chance to share my story and l hope it can reach our friends and relatives that we left behind so that they can make up their minds and leave before they are killed
Thank you!

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