IBS has been one of the great tool God has used to bring growth in the Albertine Pastorate.

2009 our 1st graduation had 11 grandaunts.

2012 our 2nd graduation had 8 grandaunts.

2012 our 3rd graduation had 15 grandaunts.                    Total 79.

2016 our 4th graduation had 32 grandaunts.

2018 our 5th graduation had 13 grandaunts.

So far, IBS has passed out 79 graduates on certificate level ever since we began the program. 20 pastor are currently undergoing the same training and will graduate in May 2020. One pastor is training for diploma at PTC Mbale.

In our pastorate, we have 79 trained church leaders on certificate level (IBS), 10 pastors on diploma level and 1 pastor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. So this brings us to a total of 89 trained church leaders.

And we would love to add on the number to be bigger than we have for the good of the church of Christ.


  • 79 church leaders have been trained.
  • We have trained 72 pastors and 7 deacons.
  • There is growth and multiplication of churches.
  • There is improvement in the way of doing ministry.
  • Preaching has improved greatly.
  • Understanding the interpretation of scriptures has changed.
  • It has changed the attitude of ministers in the way they have been viewing ministry.
  • It has built and strengthened the relationship between the churches and the pastorate.


  • A need for upgrading of the facilitators to degree and above.
  • Limited financial resources for running the school.
  • A need for space and structures for IBS.
  • Challenge of fees from our students some come from villages where income is low.
  • Support for the facilitators, most of them travel from far to come and teach.


  • To acquire land for the Bible school.
  • Building premises for classes, dormitories and administration.
  • Facilitators to upgrade to degree and above.
  • Recruit more students and facilitors.
  • To introduce diploma program in future