Land Slide Survivor Tells His Story

Land Slide Survivor Tells His Story

Fred Owuyo 28, is a resident of Bubiita Sub County in Bududa district and one of the beneficiaries of the distribution of essential items by PAG. He was born normal like any other child and had a happy childhood. One day calamity befell him as he fell off a tree and his lower part of the body became

Paralyzed. Before the accident he lived happily with his wife and two children but after getting paralyzed his wife abandoned him because of his incapability to take care of the entire family.Since then he had been living with his parents. One day, Fred and his parents were inside the house at around 2:00pm in the afternoon and they had a heavy sound of a landing helicopter. His parents moved out to see where the helicopter was going to land.

After a few minutes Fred tried to move out and see where his parents had gone “Before I could reach the door, a heavy force of water and wind opened the door radically, swept me off my feet and pushed me hard to the corner, I witnessed the floods running its course above me leaving our house destroyed beyond repair, but thank God I had been spared.” Said Fred. Since then Fred and his two children have been living with neighbours in terrible conditions.

According to Fred, he started getting some hope when their chairperson Mr. Godfrey Wamono informed them that PAG was coming to give support to all those communities that were affected by the land slides. He was among the People that registered to receive the different items.

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