PAG responds to Bududa Landslide victims

About 12,000 people were affected by floods and landslides in Bukalasi and Bubita Sub-

Counties in Bududa District since 11 October 2018. The Bududa landslide disaster followed three days of heavy rains that washed away houses, plants & animals. Around 858 people were displaced, 60 deaths were reported another people lost till today

PAG with support from other organizations like Tear Fund and ERDO was able to distribute over 2000 items to about 400 households. Items that were distributed included 500 sanitary kits for both teenage girls and women,500 knickers,350 underwear for boys,500 buckets for girls and women,1116 bars of soap,300 mathematical sets,450 pens,450 pencils,450 rulers,100 counter books,450 school bags,350 exercise books,200 mattresses,400 blankets,372 saucepans and assorted clothes. The pictures below show the distribution of relief items to the affected communities in Bududa

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