PAG Sensitization of Refugees on the COVID-19 Pandemic

In a bid to sensitize refugees in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement on COVID-19 prevention Measures and guidelines, PAG conducted 4 orientation meetings for one-day in each of the 4 villages (Ofua 1,Ofua 2, Omugo 6 and Tika 4) covered by this project. These workshops were attended by 6 PAG Staff, 14 Community Volunteers, 41 Refugee Village Health Team members (VHTs), 7 Host VHTs, 4 LC-1 and 5 RWC-1 Chairpersons, 3 Secretaries for Health and 4 Church Leaders. PAG purchased assorted Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items for use by Staff and Volunteers during sensitization. The Hand Washing items were used by community members during any activity like meetings and distribution of items at village level.
The Staff and Volunteers of PAG, VHTs (Refugee and Nationals), LC-1 Chairpersons, RWC-1 Chairpersons, Secretaries for Health and representatives of Church Leaders that were trained are already reaching out to community members as they interact with them on daily basis. Sharing key messages and guidelines on prevention of COVID-19 during all events, meetings and visits they make in their communities. PAG Volunteers were provided with a Bicycle in each of the 4 villages for carrying a rechargeable speaker as they move around to sensitize their community members. The District Health Educator provided posters to Volunteers for sensitization and is now compiling audio messages of Ministry of Health in various languages that shall be recorded on Memory Cards and given to Volunteers for sensitization.

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