Pupils of Sume Junior School Overwhelmed By PAG Distribution of Items

Pupils of Sume Junior School Overwhelmed By PAG Distribution of Items

Sume Junior School is one of the schools located in Bukalasi Sub County at the banks of river Sume. The school was greatly affected with massive damage leaving one pupil dead and some of the school structures damaged. The school was left destroyed with no hopes for the future

The pupils and staff expressed that their future hopes were no more wondering on how to cope up with their studies because their notes were washed away and they could not think of how to recover them. This accelerated the rate of absenteeism and dodging of classes, to make matters worse it was so hard for the girls to manage their monthly flows because of lack of sanitary kits. They used pieces of clothes during that time of the month which at times fell in public.

This led to shame and bringing about inferiority complex amongest most of them. The girls and staff further expressed that most of the aid in disaster hit areas neglects the rights of children in terms of scholastic materials and sanitary materials. However with the love of sharing with the needy communities, they are extremely happy for the support extended to them inform of scholastic materials and sanitary kits by PAG.

This has boomed school attendance because the pupils have all they need to attend school. The soap enables them to be smart as they wash up their clothes and manage personal hygiene, the pads and knickers give them comfort whenever they are in their periods and they can associate freely with other pupils. The pupils and staff thanked P.A.G for the great love and requested for more support to those from disadvantaged households and those who did not access such service to enable them achieve.

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